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Fortezza - The Fortress of Rethymno

Stella Kalogeraki
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Softback, 60 Pages | 120 x 215
ISBN: 960-86247-1-1




    On the small peninsula, which appears on the Cretan Sea, Rethymno was gradually formed. For hundreds of years, it was relativelly an insignificant settlement, but it was bound to meet glory and develop into one of the most significant towns of Crete, even from the Venetian Conquest. An excellent monument of that period is the Fortress of Rethymno, which dominates the steep rocks at the northern tip of the peninsula, at an ideal point for the supervision of the town, the hills and the coasts. Nowadays, only some things have changed in the fortress and the whole town. A town, that keeps the venetian structure of its layout, almost identical. In this book the history of Fortezza and the whole town unfolds in a descriptive and comprehensible way with the help of detailed descriptions, photographs and designs. 

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