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About Us
Mediterraneo Publications is a relatively new publishing house which specialises in the field of travel publications. Books, maps, guides and albums on subjects which give emphasis to the promotion of the Greek natural environment and culture are aimed not only at visitors to our country but also at every restless traveller. Analytical maps and diagrams, a wealth of photographic material, plans and engravings provide a detailed briefing for the traveller and researcher who wishes to proceed with confidence.

At its head office, which comprises a fully equipped atelier and storage facilities, the instigators of the company, themselves specialising in graphics, archaeology and marketing, work together with an experienced force of graphic artists, historians, archaeologists, translators, photographers and designers. The experience, innovation, and consistency of the creative department have provided the basis for both the publications of Mediterraneo - recognised and renowned for their quality Β– and for the layout of dozens of books for universities, advertising leaflets and albums for local government and large businesses.

The developmental aim of the company is also expressed in the idea of travelling bookshops, specialising in foreign and Greek language publications of a character mostly to do with travel. 
Mediterraneo publications takes part every year in large exhibitions in Athens, in order to make its products known by the most powerful means of promotion possible Β– human contact and personal communication. 


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