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ATLAS of the Greek Orchids
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V.I: Genera Epipactis, Cephalanthera, Limodorum, Neottia, Epipogium, Corallorhiza, Goodyera, Spiranthes, Platanthera, Gymnadenia, Pseudorchis, Coeloglossum, Dactylorhiza, Serapias, Anacamptis, Neotinea, Orchis, Himantoglossum V.II: The genus Ophrys
Zissia Antonopoulos, Spyros Tsiftsis
VOL. Ι 512, VOL. IΙ 504 Pages | 144 x 205mm - Hard cover
ISBN: 978-960-8848-93-3 & 978-960-8848-94-0
This book is also offered in these Languages: Greek